And this would be me.

The result of a little flintknapping work. This used to be the bottom of a Snapple bottle. 

Check out Paul's YouTube channel (OA Skills).
The guy really knows his stuff. 

A steampunk lamp that I created. At the time of this posting it was about 3.5 feet tall and probably 15 lbs with more work to come.

My wife Anne and I during our days of studying Tae Kwon Do. She holds a black belt as well as our oldest daughter, who holds one in Karate.


Four words describe my approach to creative challenges. "Create destinations, not distractions.” With a skill set that ranges from UX/IA to illustration, experience that spans digital to traditional, and a passion for collaboration and ideation, I am called upon to lead the charge when it comes to both, the visual and functional articulation of creative solutions. It’s this unique range of skills has allowed me to be successful in the strategy, design and development of campaigns, activations and content for some of the world's largest consumer and technology brands, while earning industry recognition along the way in the form of PR Week and Sabre Awards. 


With a career spanning 20 years it's been a long, fun and fruitful road. I've been a creative director, art director, designer to web producer, flash developer, animator and illustrator. All along I've worked diligently to develop and cultivate a broad range of skills, true sense of professionalism and an in-depth knowledge of the industry.

I have a sincere passion for the collaborative and creative process. Working with others is something I truly enjoy. I am a proven mentor, manager and team builder with the ability to motivate and enable growth. I believe that nothing promotes success more than a positive outlook and pride in your work.

The Sketch

Wether it's on paper or my iPad, sketching, drawing and doodling are things that definitely dance between the personal and professional parts of who I am. Jedi, elves, vampires, werewolves, fellow commuters, logos or web interfaces, all creative ideas begin with a sketch or doodle. It is an integral part of my creative process. 

appreciation for Nature

To balance the fact that my days are spent in the digital, Beginning in September 2014 and continuing on for about one year, I tried to at least once a week, step away and head off into the forest to practice primitive skills such as shelter building, fire starting, flint-knapping, plant identification and tracking under the teaching and patience of a good friend, Paul Polese. 

In that time I developed a deep appreciation and respect for the wilderness and the skills needed to survive within it. Both simple and complex, learning and practing those skills served as a means to bring balance of another kind to my digital daily routine. Though this has slowed down, I will always have deep appreciation for the outdoors and have taken to sketching my learnings into a journal. 

Body and Mind

In 1998 with a class in Taekwondo, I began to study martial arts. Between then and 2014 I'd earned a Black Belt in Taekwondo and dabbled in Karate, Kung Fu, Brazilian Jiu Jitsu and Muay Thai. But that can only be carried on for so long. These days I pursue general fitness training and yoga with a touch of martial arts here and there.

a devout do-it-yourselfer and builder of things

What started out as a sort of a necessity being the mother of invention, type thing, has evolved over the years, into a full blown passion for working with my hands to make, reinvent, flip, restore, repair and renovate. It's not just me either, my wife Anne and I dove so deeply into it that we've started sharing our projects with - Our blog dedicated to sharing this scary and incredibly rewarding hobby of ours. 

A geek at heart

I am an avid gamer, moderate comic fan (particularly CBMs) and a tech enthusiast. FPS, RPG, MMO, RTS (not too much RTS really, they kind of make me sleepy). A love that began with traditional pencil and paper RPGs. I've owned almost all the consoles over time but the current console of choice is the XBOX ONE.

The Future

I'm fascinated with the possibilities that lay ahead. I suppose I am a bit of a Futurist. Concepts like the Singularity and Transhumanism have fascinated me for years. 

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