Great project. Great team. Huge Win.

They say that nothing worth having is easy and that was certainly the case with the project that resulted in these awesome and humbling wins for our Kayak Travel Hacker 2015 team at Text100. It was a lot of hard work but in the end it paid off in an In2Saber Award and a PR Week award. 



Creating and Building "Useful Marketing"

"Useful marketing: Creating tools, not just ads
Marketing has become less about talking and more about doing. While ideas about branded utility have been tossed around for a while, lately they've been getting more serious attention. Brands, even the non-techy ones, are launching mobile, web and hardware products. And these products are being built by agencies, though you'd be forgiven for thinking they're the result of Silicon Valley hackathons rather than traditional marketing campaigns.

Tools that make people's lives easier, more productive and more fun can bring a brand's promise to life in tangible ways. Whether they're leveraging data to help users exercise more, tracking a pizza delivery, or making driving a social experience, the most loved brands of the future will create real value for their audiences through marketing."

Think With Google
Art Copy Code

By Aman Govil, March 2013

Words to live by. 

Harnessing Creativity

Harnessing creativity. Finding Inspiration. Fuel for the inquisitive, seeking mind. As my first contribution to Text100s content driven site, I wrote this piece to share some of the ways we can find inspiration every day. 

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